Reversible Hard Headband - Americana Stars & Big White Dots on Navy

$ 10.00

Our Handmade Fabric Headbands have 2 modern and bright patterns. This has a hard headband form in the middle. Just twist the fabric to reverse it. There is no elastic.  We have tried many wires, and we found these to be the only ones to not give us a "headband headache".

Make sure you check out both sides, they are both cute.  For instructions on how to flip the headband, check out this video.

Fabric band is 2" (5cm) wide at middle, tapering to 1" (2.5cm) at the ends (toward the ears)

15" (37.5cm) of fabric sewn onto a hard headband form

Fabric design may vary slightly due to pattern placement

Hand Washable

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