Please Spring, get here....I miss you!

gracie designs yellow and grayIt has been so cold up here in Northeastern Wisconsin. 5 degrees is not warm, and I wouldn't mind a bit of snow, honestly.  It makes the cold a little less awful. My Maggie hasn't been sledding yet this year, and she is six.  A six year old needs to get outside.  Even Bill, the Yorkie, has to wear a coat outside. Yes, it is miserable.

I want to trade my hot coffee for iced hazlenut lattes.  I would gladly grill out, the crockpot is getting worn out.  I love my fireplace, I really do. Honestly, I miss the Green Bay tradition of driveway drinking around a firepit on wheels with my neighbors.  And the farmer's market.  I want my fresh vegetables, squeaky cheese curds, handmade soaps, local beer (don't judge, we have a night market on Wednesdays), and Cheesy Love Cheesecake.

So, I was inspired by one of my newly listed reversible headbands, to throw together a cute outfit.  The "I love your dress" in stone, is from Modcloth.  It looks cute, and comfy.  And these Swedish Hasbeen sandals in yellow from are shoes I must have.  And these fun Vintage earrings from SharkysWaters on Etsy match just right.

So, bring on spring!  I am sooooooo ready.  Are you? What are you most excited about?


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