New items in the shop

If you know me, at all, you know I love to design.  And, I have a hard time letting go.  As I work to let some of my older products go, I am merging them into new designs.  I am working to make my products more efficient for the buyer, so you can carry less around.  Don't worry though, I will still keep many of your favorites.  But, I am so excited about the new stuff.

So, today, I introduce you to:

The Eyemask (awesome for naps, travel, or nightime)

The Wallet (yep, finally, I know.....I know)

The Passport Cover with Zip Pocket (That little pocket is perfect for cash, coins, id, credit card)

The Wrist Strap (A great key fob,or add to a coin purse for a small little wristlet)

The Double Pocket Wristlet (we took our large wristlet, and added a pocket, on the outside)

I would love to know what you think.  We will be adding these items to our website and etsy shop daily, in new, fun fabrics.

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